Sybaritic Bags is a Handbag, Clothing and Accessories company for everyone located in Bear, DE & Deptford, NJ. We are a small, super luxurious Vegan company that started off in August 2015 with serving only handbags to its women customers. Due to a great response from our customers in the first year, and a continual support from them, we expanded our product line from only women’s handbags to men and women’s handbags, all backpacks, Apparels, Jewelry, accessories and Children’ clothing.

Yes, we are vegan, and proud to announce that we are America’s best PETA approved vegan company, in that, no animals were harmed at the time of making the bags. We strive to bring you high quality, edgy, playful and yet classy collections for every occasion.

Our Mission - ``We provide best vegan Handbags & Apparels, cause no unnecessary harm to animals and earth, believe that fashion should be affordable where every-one deserves to feel luxurious.``

Our Vision - ``We envision the World with love and kindness with animals and A fully-loaded Wardrobe for every women regardless of their income.``

At Sybaritic, we are “in the know” about trends that come and go and trends that live forever. Our bags and clothes are designed with traditional and stylish colors with faux wool, faux leather, and fabric. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles including women’s faux leather handbags, tote bags, satchel bags and shoulder bags, to stay trendy no matter the occasion you will be using it for.”

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