Sybaritic Bags is a Handbag, Clothing and Accessories company for men and women located in Deptford, New Jersey. We are a small, super luxurious Vegan company that started off in August 2015 with serving only handbags to its women customers. Due to a great response from our customers in the first year, and a continual support from them, we expanded our product line from only women’s handbags to men and women’s handbags, weekender bags, laptop bags, fanny bags, RF ID wallets, and passport wallets. And recently September 2017, we have extended our line wherein we sell clothing and accessories which include scarves and jewelry too.

Yes, we are vegan, and proud to announce that we are America’s best PETA approved vegan company, in that, no animals were harmed at the time of making the bags. We strive to bring you high quality, edgy, playful and yet classy collections for every occasion.

Our Mission - ``We provide best vegan Handbags & Apparels, cause no unnecessary harm to animals and earth, believe that fashion should be affordable where every-one deserves to feel luxurious.``

Our Vision - ``We envision the World with love and kindness with animals and A fully-loaded Wardrobe for every women regardless of their income.``

At Sybaritic, we are “in the know” about trends that come and go and trends that live forever. Our bags and clothes are designed with traditional and stylish colors with faux wool, faux leather, and fabric. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles including women’s faux leather handbags, tote bags, satchel bags and shoulder bags, to stay trendy no matter the occasion you will be using it for.

Why to Turn Vegan ?

People go vegan for a variety of reasons, the main reason to go vegan is of course the compassion for animals. Animals are individuals who are uniquely aware of their own existence, who feel pain and pleasure, and who bond with others in systems of kinship that they value deeply and grieve for when they are lost. It is very clear that they suffer in the same degree that humans do when they are confined, forcibly separated from their families, have their reproduction controlled, and are mutilated and killed in the routine practices of agriculture. We, as owners of the company, have complete compassion for such animals who cannot speak for themselves. We are against animal cruelty and believe that animals should not be the part of fashion and feel proud to run a business in fashion with 0 % cruelty. It is very cruel when animals are just being killed for their fur and skin in order to satisfy the “fashion needs” or “social status” of people.

The other very important reason to turn into vegan is the environment. What is the point of life if we cannot be gentle to the surrounding that we live in, that gives us the life we want. The trees that we cut and the Earth that we harm, will eventually mark a huge impact negatively on us. In fact, it already has started impacting us through global warming. As a store, we can do what we can do our best. Various vegan leathers are used in our handbags, the scientific terms are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride). PU is less harmful for the environment than PVC and we make it a point to use it whenever possible. We also use a lot of canvas in our handbags. As far as clothing and accessories, we use faux leather, satin, wool, silk etc. Everything that is man-made. We hope that our one decision could lead many other manufactures to do the same.

How to turn Vegan?

Turning vegan is NOT simple. However, a small step towards adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle, not only from the dinner plate but in fashions too, can make our world a better place to live in. To begin with, look for vegan companies, like Sybaritic Bags, online. You can also find us on the PETA website. We are Delaware’s first and one of the top PETA-approved vegan companies in America. As a new vegan, the important thing is to make your best effort and to eliminate the obvious animal-derived ingredients from your shopping cart. When you buy one of our vegan products, we are very confident that you won’t regret that investment. We are very confident that our high-quality bags and clothing will satisfy your needs & bring you back to us. And, from that very moment, you will realize that you have contributed towards an “Animal-Friendly” life style. If you are an animal-lover and have pets with you, then you will feel really proud of helping your furry friends. Other way to not waste the mother natures gift is by Upcycling. If you haven’t worn it for six months – chances are you will not wear it at all – give it to someone in need. Not only will you be blessed by Mother Nature, but by the new owner too.

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