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Grateful Caps Teacher Set Bottle Cap Magnet Collectibles Set

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Bottle caps tell a story about the flavor of life, the laughter we share, and a loyalty to our favorite brands and where they brew from. Assorted bottle cap magnets, can be used for a household fridge, man cave fridge, or anything magnetic. A quick, cheap, and simple way to turn your extra bottle caps into simple yet cool fridge magnets.

What we have here is a completely personalized bottle cap magnet. Include colors, themes, shows, sports, characters, etc. in the personalization section. These little-sized magnets are very durable. Most bottle caps find their way into the bin. We see potential in these small disks to become art in day-to-day life. The original idea, limited supply of bottle cap magnets.


  • Great for a gift or party favor!
  • The magnets are very strong
  • Each cap is backed by a magnet and is glued securely to the cap
  • A great addition to your kitchen, home office, man cave, or anywhere else you can find a metal surface
  • Bottlecap magnets the perfect gift for just about anyone like teachers, secretaries, parents, and older children