About Us

Sybaritic Bags & Clothing is a boutique for women based in the Newark/Bear, Delaware area. We are a small, luxurious Vegan company that was founded in August 2015. We are a vegan brand & proud to announce that we are PETA approved, in that, no animals were harmed during the production of any products we carry in store. We strive to bring you high quality, edgy, playful and yet classy products for every occasion.

Our mission is simple – to deliver our clients a taste of the finer things while indulging the opulent lifestyle one feels from wearing our beautifully made handbags & clothing.

Our unique selection of faux leather and embroidered handbags are great for any woman’s personal style and will keep her trendy all day, every day. Our clothing collections were finalized by Owner Himal herself and can turn everyone's day beautiful.

Our professional staff also provide one on one personalized shopping experience & can suggest products for any life occasion in the store to turn it memorable.

We do hold lots of fun engagements events for our customers for FREE with free snacks & refreshments to help them reduce daily stress.

So, Stop by today and enjoy shopping with us in person, or 24/7 online at www.SybariticBags.com

~ The Sybaritic Boutique Team