Meet The Team

Himal Kamdar:

Hi, I am Himal Kamdar, Founder & Head of operations at Sybaritic Bags & Clothing. I love animals and fashion. I started working in my parents store back in India from my childhood & fell in love in Handbags, unique styles, latest trends and designs. Because of that passion, I started a kiosk in Christiana Mall, DE &  because of my beautiful customer's responses, I was able to open my vegan  Boutique in Bear, DE.  We do carry unique, designer and stylist Vegan clothing, bags, jewelries & Accessories. 

My only mission is to provide high quality fashionable clothes and other fashion products to all women at affordable prices to turn their day beautiful.


 Darielle Runner-Draper: 

I’m Darielle, you’re Miss Delaware for America, and I am the model at Sybaritic Bags& Clothing. I started off as a customer and fell in love with the store, and love their message! Now I model and Co-Host our Thursday night live sales on Facebook with Maansi and Himal!
I love working for a such an awesome, ethical, glam, vegan boutique. We offer everything from edgy handbags, to super cute cocktail dresses, to gorgeous jewelry, to comfy loungewear. As the environment becomes more of an urgent issue, it’s important to consider your options when you’re shopping. This way we can avoid hurting more animals and be held accountable for our actions.
Hi, I’m Maansi and I work at Sybaritic Bags and Clothing as a Sales Associate, and Social Media Marketing Specialist! I also co-host our Thursday Night live sales on our facebook (be sure to check them out)! Soon I will be attending university hopefully for nursing as I have a burning passion to help others!
I love working at Sybaritic Bags and Clothing for my first job because I get a lot of great experience, and I love their want to bring more ethical products into the market! I specifically love how we make sure all of our products are vegan, cruelty free, and ethically made! This helps us bring our consumers more high quality and ethical products into the industry.