Himal kamdar, Owner & Head - Operations

Himal graduated from Stevens University in 2012 in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. She worked as a product development associate in “Triarco Industries” for 2 years, but, she felt like something of her interest was missing in the job she was working at. Himal realized she had more interest in the art and fashion field, and wanted to try a hand at developing something in that area. Hence, she started focusing more on the creative field rather than the industrial one.

From the very beginning of her life, she was very active in her family business “Jayashree Novelties” located in Ahmedabad, India. Jayashree Novelties is a retail store that offers all kinds of handbags. She had almost 15 years experience in the handbag business. She was active in the purchasing as well as the sales department. Himal always helped her parents to sell a variety of handbags in their shop. As a student, she had won many awards in designing, painting and other extra-curricular activities in the Art field.

When Gunjan Proposed his idea about starting up a new venture of handbags, Himal became equally excited. She started working very hard towards designing handbags which was very well liked by her friends, family & Amazon – E Bay Customers and soon together Gunjan and Himal opened up a cart at the Christiana Mall in Newark, De.

Gunjan Kamdar, Owner & Founder

From his childhood, Gunjan Kamdar had 2 major interests in his life; Medicines(Pharmacy) and Business. After he finished his Pharmacy graduation in 2012, Gunjan joined Rite Aid as a staff Pharmacist. Currently, he works as Pharmacy manager in Rite Aid in Delaware for over 5 years.

As soon as he pursued his first dream of becoming a pharmacist, he instantly started thinking towards his second & most important dream of his life, to become a businessman. He always wanted to start a new venture where he could provide quality products at very affordable prices for every class of people. Whenever he visited the mall with his wife Himal, he always wondered about the expensive prices of handbags. He wondered if it was worth spending hundreds of dollars for stylish and designer handbags? Furthermore, Gunjan and his wife both are animal lovers and are absolutely against animal cruelty. Hence, he decided to open a vegan handbag business, and also contacted PETA that supported his idea which motivated him even more. His ideas came into action in August 2015 as Sybaritic bags.

Gunjan and Himal are now new proud parents to a beautiful daughter named Aaria. Their love for animals has also led them to adopt a handsome labrador, Bruno.