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holiday party dress

How to find the perfect party dress for your holidays?

Ahh, doesn’t it feel so blissful to reminisce about the good old holiday season? All the extravaganza, parties, dinners and gatherings to attend. Getting dolled up to go waltzing around town.  But hey, who said parties have to ever come to an end? In fact, almost every season is the holiday season. Spring, summer, autumn, […]

top 5 reasons why one should opt for vegan fashion

Top 5 reasons why one should opt for Vegan Fashion

Veganism is spreading far and wide with thousands of people choosing to adopt this lifestyle every day, month and year. It is being widely embraced as an eco-friendly, sensitive and sustainable way of life leading to a healthier lifestyle and helping reduce the damage done to the environment.  A lot of people consider veganism to […]

best vegan valentine's day gift ideas for your partner

Best vegan Valentines Day gift ideas for your partner

The season of love is just around the corner. Mushy feelings, butterflies in the stomach, a full heart, cheeky smiles and so much more. Valentine’s Day feels just so special, doesn’t it? Takes us right back to our school days, when peeping and catching glimpses of our crush was such an adventure. Exchanging shy smiles […]

fall with faux fur

Stay comfy and tight this fall with faux fur – always the best!

It’s fall, and you would just like to curl around your blanket and stick to bed for all times sake. Who doesn’t? Everybody wants some good sleep. Sleep is good but getting dressed up like a pro fashionista is even better! This fall, the go-to fashion style is none other than faux fur clothing. Not […]

fabrics you need this fall

2 minutes of reading this blog will tell you which fabrics you need this fall!

Snow is heavily hitting the streets, the fall mood is slowly creeping in, and the fashionista is on the move. Summer has long been gone and fall has just arrived.  How thrilling, isn’t it? The exuding joy of this season; although we are bound to our homes, there is so much excitement, shiver, and squeal.  […]

crossbody handbags

Arise to the occasion with crossbody handbags this fall – Slender and slim!

If you’ve seen Jennifer Anniston make her way down the airport, you’ll know what this is about.  The sleek and fine Marc crossbody bag hanging by her shoulder! The look is just killing!  Another fine display of a crossbody bag can be caught sight of along the shoulders of the attractive Wonder Woman star, Gal […]

2020’s electrifying trend – The timeless classic of Leopard Print Fashion!

Spotted in the wild! Do you marvel leopards, the fiery, stunning, and most scintillating cats of all times? The truth is they’ve tranquilized the modern fashion regime! When Angelina Jolie took the fashion world by surprise with her fiery leopard trench coat, public sentiments- she was all eyes for it! Not to mention Beyonce’s Valentino […]

4 Core Reasons Why Vegan Fashion must become a part of your lifestyle!

It’s 2020 and the world and its people are revolutionizing the concept of veganism and vegan fashion. What does it mean to be a Vegan? There is a certain discrepancy when someone comes across this term and realizes that veganism is likely saying that you are a vegetarian or someone who relishes vegetarian products. But […]

Dive into the deep and know it all! Plus- Size Clothing for the fashionista!

Comfy, Elegant, and stylish – modern plus-size fashion clothing! The lady just gleaming in pride, her curves highlighted, and the fabric of the clothing just what she desires- plus size clothing has matured over the years! It was not all the same for plus-size women! Until recent times, the lack of fashionable clothing for women […]

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